Best Wrestling Shoes That Are Affordable Top 10

How Did We Find The Best Wrestling Shoes?

Searching for the best wrestling shoes can be pretty tricky. Finding ones that are affordable can be pretty difficult as well. So let us do the hard work for you by going over some of the top wrestling shoes out there on the market. Not only are these shoes good for wrestling but they can also be used for a handful of other sports such as basketball, football, racquetball and many others!

Let me just start by stating that my son is in High School at the moment and is currently on the wrestling team. The reason why I know quite a bit about wrestling shoes is that I have had him try over 10 different pairs before finding the best for his style. Keep in mind that not everybody likes the same thing and everybody is different in their own way.With that being said, we have also talked to multiple professional’s and coaches about this subject. This has given us the chance to really get it right and make the right choices for you.

Below all of this is some of the top wrestling shoes out there. We will provide full details of the shoes along with a review based on my own son’s use, professional athletes that we know and Amazon reviews as well. These reviews are based on three things, durability, affordability and of course style.With extensive research, this is what we have come up with.

Here Is Our Top 10 Best Wrestling Shoes List

1. Men’s JB Elite V2.0 – Number One Pick

Best Wrestling Shoes Red Black Gold Men’s JB Elite V2.0

There is a handful of reasons why we decided that these were the best wrestling shoes. They are incredibly durable, have fantastic reviews, relatively affordable and all around a great pair of wrestling shoes. These were actually the pair that I ended up buying my son and he loves them. They have lasted quite some time as well which is nice.

There were a total of 102 customer reviews as of May 3, 2017. With 73 percent giving 5 stars and 17 percent giving 4 stars. Most of the reviews are excellent and people seem to love them. People seem to suggest buying in one size bigger to avoid not fitting.

2. ASICS Men’s Cael v7.0 – Second Place

Best Wrestling Shoes White Black Grey ASICS Men’s Cael v7.0

These are the runner-up for the best wrestling shoes according to my research and reviews from friends and Amazon reviewers. I also ended up buying these shoes for my son as well and they worked great for him. However, they are a bit more expensive but I would say they are worth the price.

These top wrestling shoes have 94 customer reviews as of May 31, 2017, on Amazon with 71 percent 5-star reviews and 12 percent 4-star reviews. A lot of happy customers with this one but as stated before. These are a little more on the expensive side. Again people suggest buying a pair up to avoid not fitting as they run small.

3. Adidas Combat Speed 4

Adidas Combat Speed 4 Green Blue Red Yellow

I actually really like these shoes but the professionals would say otherwise. A lot of people have said in the past that Adidas does not make great wrestling shoes. However, as stated before its more of a personal preference for some people and for that reason I am putting these at number three. They are cheaper than most of the shoes on this list. If you are trying to find more affordable shoes these might be the best choice for you. They take their rightful spot at number 3 for our best wrestling shoes list.

These shoes have quite a bit of customer reviews on Amazon. A whopping 243 reviews with 71 percent 5 stars and 17 percent 4 star’s as of May 31, 2017. There are not many bad reviews for this but mostly because of the price. The price is unbeatable for many of the other shoes on this list. Not to mention they are also made of leather, which is a plus.

4. Asics Aggressor 3’s

Asics Aggressor 3’s Blue Grey White Wrestling Shoes

Let’s  get straight to the point, these are one of the most expensive mens wrestling shoes. However they are also slowly becoming one of the best wrestling shoes out there as well. Aggressor 3’s actually have some of the best if not the best reviews on the Amazon store. Which is a great thing if you are looking for quality. If you are looking for affordable you might want to look elsewhere. A lot of people I know on my son’s wrestling team sports these bad boys. If you can spit out the money I highly suggest getting your hands on these.

Asics Aggressor 3’s have a ton of reviews and most of them are very good. In fact they have a total of 193 with a whopping 77 percent 5 stars and 11 percent of them are 4 stars. According to some of the reviews they are incredibly flexible and have fantastic traction. My son has never personally tried this shoes before so I can not say from experience. However from the people who I have talked to about these shoes they are a great buy.

5. ASICS Dan Gable Ultimate 4’s

ASICS Dan Gable Ultimate 4’s Black And Yellow Best Wrestling Shoes

Ending the top 5 with these shoes does not do these shoes enough justice. The only reason why I did not rank these higher is because there are just not enough reviews. I have tried these wrestling shoes personally and they were my favorite.If it were up to just me, I would pick these to be the best wrestling shoes available. However there is just not enough people to back them up. Not many people have heard of them before but they are definitely awesome. I have no complaints about them at all.

With only a small amount of people reviewing this product there is not much to go by. There are 42 Amazon reviews and 76 percent of them are 5 stars and 14 percent 4 stars. The reviews that are there are all pretty much great ones which really just speaks for its self. I love these shoes for their compression fit bootie system as it is very comfortable on my feet. Whenever I wrestle, these bad boys get the job done.

6. Adidas Mat Wizard Taylor Edition

Adidas Mat Wizard Taylor Edition Blue and Red

Now that we are in the bottom 5 we are going to get into a little bit less quality. These shoes are really going to be more for the people who do not care to replace their wrestling shoes a few times a year. I like the way these shoes look, they are quite stylish. I especially like the red white and blue ones because they remind me of America. I have not tried these on but a few of my sons teammates have these and love them. They are made out of mesh and are actually one of Adidas best wrestling shoes. There are not many specifications other than that so I am just going to skip straight to the reviews.

7. Men’s Adizero Wrestling XIV

Men’s Adizero Wrestling XIV green and yellow

Say what you want about Adidas but they make some great shoes. You just need to know where to find them. The thing I really like about these is the soles of the shoe. You would think with rubber soles you would not have much traction. That is actually not the case with these shoes, the traction is actually great. They tend to last a bit longer than most shoes my son has ever tried. They take a while to wear out and they do not really cost a lot. They have a lot of colors to choose from which my son really likes.

8. ASICS Omniflex-Attack V2.0

Best Wrestling Shoes Asics Red And Blue

Asics will continue to be the ruler of mens wrestling shoes. They continually create the best wrestling shoes and have been for many years. The only complaint I have about these shoes is that they are very ugly. The design just looks pretty flawed and do not look like something I would wear or my son would wear either. With that being said, these shoes are pretty durable, moderately affordable and have some pretty good traction in the soles. They are also pretty comfortable and have an adjustable strap to help with comfort. Overall a pretty good pair of shoes.

9. ASICS Men’s Matflex 5

ASICS Men’s Matflex 5 black and grey

These are some more of the cheap wrestling shoes that I will be reviewing on here. For the price they are actually decent and like I have said before you can always buy another pair after they wear out. The biggest concern with these is that they run incredibly small. So you need to figure out what size it is that you are going to get. Always go a size bigger when buying these. I bought these for my son when he first started out. I did not want to buy something expensive so I decided to go with these. I ended up returning them for a bigger size. After that was over, these shoes were great. So please do not make the mistake I made and get them in a bigger size.

With over 400 customer reviews these shoes have an average of 4 stars. They are the most reviewed wrestling shoe that I have on this list. They would be much higher up if it were not for them running small. A lot of the reviews are actually people just saying they had to return them for a bigger size. They have great grip, are inexpensive and last for quite some time. You can read the reviews Here On Amazon.

10. ASICS Men’s Snapdown

ASICS Men’s Snapdown black and grey

Last but not least we have another pair of ASICS. A decent pair of shoes for a decent price but just nothing too special. If you are not really a serious wrestler or your children are not serious you should look into these. They have synthetic leather and rubber sole so pretty much the same as any other wrestling shoe. Not one of the best wrestling shoes but still something that will get the job done. I have not tried these and can not give you any advice on them. I got all of my research from reviews on amazon only.

Advice on buying wrestling shoes.

There is Something that is very important to remember when spending your money on sports equipment. A huge percentage of people who try wrestling will quit within the first year or two. When you are first starting out you may want to think about getting a cheaper pair of shoes. If you are a little more experienced with this sort of stuff then you might want to look at the best wrestling shoes available. They are going to last you a lot longer and be more worth your money. Making your decision can be difficult but just take your time and do your research and you will end up with a great pair of shoes.

One other thing that you need to remember is looks are not everything. Yes it is nice to have a stylish great looking pair. However, sometimes great looking shoes are not worth the money. They can be uncomfortable and fragile and may wear out a lot faster than normal shoes would. Do not let the looks deceive you either, sometimes shoes that do not look the best can also be very durable and comfortable.

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