Best Wireless Mouse And Keyboard Combo List For 2018

My computer is my best friend and I spend tons of time on it. I would say overall I spend somewhere around 6-8 hours a day on my computer. This gives me plenty of time to use my keyboard and mouse. It is important to have the best wireless mouse and keyboard combo due to the fact that you are constantly using them. Wireless is just better in my overall opinion. I hate dealing with wires all the time because they make a mess and just plain do not look nice. I have been through a handful of wireless mouse and keyboard combos in my past.I have put together a top five list of the best from my personal experience with these.

Best Wireless Mouse And Keyboard Combo Listbest wireless mouse and keyboard combo


I have a strong connection with Logitech. They have been making great products for a very long time. Sometimes I wonder why they do not get enough praise. This is probably the best wireless mouse and keyboard combo on the internet. I found this on Amazon a long time ago and I have not gone back to any other combo yet. I do a lot of typing and this is by far the best keyboard for typing. The mouse is okay, it is what it is and it works great. If you are a hardcore gamer, this might not be the best combo for you. There are plenty more to choose from! Price is actually pretty reasonable and the keyboard and mouse are very durable and can last a very long time if treated nicely.


Again, for gaming, this mouse and keyboard combo might not be great for. Its actually a very nice combo and it works very well for people who like to write and just browse on your PC. I have had this combo in the past and it is excellent. After a while, I just decided I wanted to get something better and ended up going with Logitech. The keyboard has 12 hotkeys and seven multimedia keys. It also has a very long battery life which is awesome for people who are on their computers for long periods of time. Overall I would suggest checking out this product but it would not be my first choice. Again, everything is a preference for most people and everybody likes different things!

3.LOGITECH 920-0

Alright gamers, you wanted a keyboard and mouse combo that is great for gaming. Look no further because this is probably the best you are going to find for a cheap price. I would probably say this is the best wireless mouse and keyboard combo on the internet. I play a lot of league of legends and I use this for my gaming PC. It works wonders for me and I win a lot of my games because of it. Check this combo out if you want a cheap and awesome setup!


Another quality solid wireless mouse and keyboard combo. Logitech puts out yet another combo and this one is almost as great as the others. I do not usually like to leave bad reviews on my website but I have had a problem with this keyboard in the past. However, this problem was quickly solved as they sent me a brand new one as a replacement. Overall I have used this mouse and keyboard combo in the past and it is solid. I would recommend it to you guys and my friends. I think my favorite part about it is that it is very easy to setup and is also

5. Logitech MK320

There has to be a last but not least on this list. Of course, this is only a top five list this product is still an excellent find. I have never personally used the Logitech mk320 but I have read reviews and heard great things about it. Its durable, long lasting, battery lifespan is long and it’s pretty cheap. What more can you really ask for in a mouse and keyboard? I would not really say this is the best wireless mouse and keyboard combo but its pretty dang good.

What Are The Advantages Of A Wireless Mouse And Keyboard Combo?

Having had both a wired and wireless mouse and keyboard I can say that I would prefer using wired PC electronics. However, there are tons of benefits that come with using wireless mouses and keyboards.

More Room

Since you have a wireless setup, you are going to have plenty of room on your desk for other materials. The wires are not going to get in the way and that is just plain awesome.  Now you have room for something cool like maybe another monitor, the list is endless.


The great thing about having a wireless setup is the mobility. Instead of dealing with a messy wire you can just toss your wireless stuff in your backpack and head out. You can take it anywhere with you because it’s easy to put away and easy to put into small bags.

Sleek Look

There is just something awesome about having a wireless mouse and keyboard. Finding the best wireless mouse and keyboard combo really depends on your taste. Most of the combos have a very sleek design that looks wonderful and can really compliment your computer. If you are as excited about making your computer look good as I am. You will really enjoy having a wireless setup.

Things To Consider When Buying A Wireless Mouse And Keyboard Combo


I have always told people that the product that you choose needs to be in your price range. If you go out and buy a fancy 300 dollar mouse and keyboard combo. Sure it’s going to be a great setup but is it really worth it to spend that much money? It is really up to you on how much you are willing to spend on your setup. If you do not have a lot of money, just remember there are plenty of awesome choices on the list that are fairly priced. Take your time and choose the right mouse and keyboard for you!

Battery Life

The battery life of a wireless mouse and keyboard is incredibly important. Some combos do not even have a long-lasting battery. They constantly need to be charged and die all the time. This is not really ideal if you are somebody who is on their computers for longer periods of time. I would highly suggest looking into how long the battery lasts on the product before you decide that you want to buy.


Make sure that when you are searching for the best wireless mouse and keyboard combo that you check and see how durable it is. Durability can be really important for people who can become messy or get angry with their products. I know that when I am playing video games, sometimes I become a little bit angry and smack my keyboard. It is natural for people to do this when you play video games. Also, I end up spilling drinks and getting food all over my keyboard sometimes. It is important to find a keyboard that is durable and will have a long-lasting relationship with you and your PC.


Sometimes I really just want a keyboard and mouse that looks cool. I have had many different looking mouse and keyboard combos. Some of which were crazy awesome looking. I had one keyboard that was rainbow color. When you are looking for a wireless keyboard and mouse you want to make sure you find the best color for you and something that you are comfortable with using for a long time. I usually go for combos that are purple because it is my favorite color!.

Who Am I?

I am a gamer, writer, and overall huge computer user. I spend most of my time on my computer chair using my PC. Writing has been a passion of mine and I just love reviewing products. I always check out products amd make sure to give a nice fair review of them just to make sure everybody gets the best idea of what they might want to buy!

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