Best LED Shower Head Top 10 List 2018

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The Best LED Shower Head Top 10 List 2017

LED shower heads are beginning to become more and more popular. It seems like everybody wants to have one of these in their bathroom. When you look at just how awesome they look it’s not really surprising. During my search for the best-LED shower head, I learned a few things. For one, LED shower heads are incredibly cool looking. For two, they are actually a lot cheaper than you might think.

When I first started shopping for them I found a couple very reasonably priced shower heads. I decided I was going to pull the trigger and buy one. It just so happens that it turned out to be one of the best purchases I had ever made. My girlfriend loves it and my two children love it as well. Whenever I have friends over I constantly get complimented on my shower head. Which is very nice if you ask me.

There is nothing cooler than turning off all the lights in the bathroom and taking a shower with an LED shower head. It’s and experiences that you have to try for yourself. If you are here because you are trying to find the best-LED shower head. Let me be your guide and show you a couple of products that I have used that I like.

Top 10 Best LED Shower Head

1. DreamSpa 

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The Dreamspa LED shower head is the best of its kind. Its Amazon’s choice for best LED shower head and there is a good reason for that. Its one of the most high-quality shower heads available for purchase. It has 5 functions including Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Hydro-Mist, Economy Rain & Water-Saving Pause. When I first bought this it looked like a normal shower. It seemed like nothing special to me until I hooked it up. The coolest feature on this shower head is the color changing feature. It changes color based on the temperature of your water. Is that cool or what! Honestly, if you are on the search for an awesome LED shower head. I would suggest this one. Its nothing fancy and it is absolutely awesome.

2. DreamSpa AquaFan


Another DreamSpa product of course. Mostly because they really own the market when it comes to these types of shower heads. Yet another high-quality product for your home. I like the DreamSpa AquaFan but its a little bit more expensive. That is probably because it is filled with a ton of different features. My favorite part of this shower head is that on top of the color changes. It shows the temperature of your water while you are in the shower. I really like the fact that it is also a rainfall shower which is my favorite type of shower head. We have this in the guest bathroom for anybody who is visiting.

3. ELENKER Rainfall 

Going in a different direction with another brand. Just because it’s not a DreamSpa does not mean it’s not a great product. In fact, a lot of people have bought the ELENKER Rainfall and they love it. It comes in 7 different colors and is an 8-inch shower head. It does not need a battery and has some very high quality LED lights. I like these shower heads because they are bright enough to light up the entire bathroom when the lights are turned off. This is a great buy and something I would suggest if you are on a budget.

4. INLIFE LED Shower Head

best led shower head inlife

Although the INLIFE is not the best-LED shower head brand it is still a solid competitor. I have never tried it before but the reviews for this product seem to be pretty solid. Once again I recommend another product for you. This shower head is meant for a half inch pipe and that is not included in the purchase. Half inch pipes are fairly inexpensive and you can find them at your local hardware store for a dollar or two. It has a very practical design and is safe as well. No wires or batteries needed for this and has a handful of colors with it.

5. PowerSpa All Chrome 4-Setting

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Never used a PowerSpa product before but I can say that it looks like a legit shower head. I can see by the looks of it that it will get the job done. It looks awesome, its cheap and it comes with some cool features as well. I think I would probably buy this product just because it looks like something I would want to purchase in the future. It has high action 3 zone dial with rub clean jets. I can say I really like the way this LED shower head looks.

6. AnGeer LED Multicolor

Angeer seems to be one of the most purchased LED shower heads on Amazon as of right now. I figured I would put it on the list because it has so many great reviews. Not a lot to say about this shower head that I have not already said. It has seven colors that change automatically and its self-powered and requires zero batteries to operate. I will add this to my list but I would not suggest buying it before you try some of the other products above.

7. Huluwa Shower Head

Comes with a shower head but no hose which is a pain in the butt. It has great reviews on Amazon but people complain about it not coming with a hose. Comes with a built-in water purification system which is a plus. The water temperature controls the color of the LED lights just like the others. It’s the cheapest of the products so far. Not sure about the quality of the product but it must be decent considering the reviews.

8. Fyeer 16″ Ultra-thin Ceiling Mounted LED SHOWER HEAD

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So far this is the most expensive product on this list. It’s also probably one of the best looking ones as well. I think if you are looking to spend a lot of money this might be the best-LED shower head for your taste. If you are into spending money for high-quality products you might consider the FYEER ultra thin ceiling mounted shower head. Its made out of stainless steel and it has 3 colors that are triggered by sensors. If you take a look at the picture it looks quite fancy.

9. MD&MS Color Changing LED Showerhead

This shower head probably has the most high-quality lighting out of any other head on here. Its super lightweight and comes with a handful of features that I think are pretty awesome. It has an option to control the intensity of the water flow and has a high quality. Another really good thing about this shower head is that it comes with an entire one year warranty. When you break your shower head on accident you can always replace it or get your money back. This LED shower head is incredibly cheap so get at it while its cheap.

10. Glamorway 7 Colors

This shower head is a simple one and not really anything crazy to talk about. I like the fact that its inexpensive but I don’t really care for the quality of it. I believe this was the first LED shower head that I bought and it ended up breaking after only 2 months of use. Not something I would suggest buying for a long-term investment.

What To Consider When Buying A LED Shower Head

There are a few things you need to consider when buying a new LED shower head. It is important to look into some of these key features before you even consider purchasing one. This will give you the best idea of what you need for your home.

  • Installation Difficulty 

The installation of a showerhead can be a little bit tricky. Especially when it comes to this type of shower head. When you are looking for one to buy for your home. You need to read some of the instructions and make sure they are clear and easy. Some of the installations are going to be a little bit difficult and may require a handyman. Luckily for my wife, I was able to install all of them on my own with my tools.

  • Price

Usually, a LED shower head is pretty inexpensive. They usually range anywhere from 20 to 100 dollars in cost. They are very reasonable for the quality of them. Considering they are cheaper than most shower heads. If you want to really save some money, you should look at the products with fewer features such as one water setting. If you do not really care about price and you just want to best one possible. Try and look for a shower head with as many cool features as possible. These are usually going to be loaded with tons of extra features.

  • Temperature Color Change

Typically an LED shower head will have the feature of changing colors according to temperature. This is a feature that is in most of these shower heads. However, if it does not have this feature you are going to have to decide whether or not you want something as cool as that or not.

Different Types Of LED Shower Heads

There are four different types of LED shower heads. Some are better than others and some are personal preference. I personally like rainfall shower heads but that is just me. You should consider which one you want in your home before buying. Here are the four different types to look for.

  • Rainfall

This is what I personally prefer in a shower. This, in my opinion, is the best-LED shower head type. Rainfall style is when it is mounted to the ceiling or has a huge metal arm that extends above your head. These are technically the most expensive and the most luxurious shower heads available to the public. The holes in the shower head allow water to fall and mimic the style of rainfall, hence the name.

Usually, a normal shower head will have one head. However, why not have two heads instead? I personally would not get this because it feels like overkill but if its what you are into that is alright. You can even combine a handheld showerhead along with a traditional mounted for extra coverage.

  • Wall Mounted 

Basically, these are just the most common LED shower heads. These are placed on your wall in your bathtub. The heads usually tilt up and down and have pressure settings depending on your taste.

  • Hand Held 

A hand-held LED shower head is one that you can detach from the wall. Its perfect for those hard to reach places and adds maximum coverage of your body. Handheld shower heads tend to cost a little bit more because they are more difficult to produce.

Why Should You Buy An LED Shower Head?

I think the most important reason why you would want to own one of these looks. If you have one of these in your home people are going to love them. They give your bathroom a new look and make you look awesome. You will probably get more compliments on your home and you will also most likely wow the ladies or the men depending on which you like.

Hopefully you have found the information that you are looking for. If you have not found the best-led shower head for your home after reading this. I do not really know what to tell you. You can always check out some of the other websites online to see if you can find what you are looking for.

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