Best Game Console For Kids Our Top 5 List 2018

What is the best game console for kids? There has been a lot of debate lately which console is suitable for children these days. With a new gaming console coming out every year it seems difficult to choose. If you are a parent, grandparent or just somebody looking for a console for a kid. We will help guide you in the direction that you need to go. Having reviewed every game console imaginable. We have quite a bit of experience in gaming and all things gaming related. If you are looking for a suitable gaming console for children here is our list of best gaming consoles for kids.

Top 5 Best Game Console For Kids

1.Nintendo Switch

best game console for kids nintendo switch

When it comes to family fun gaming and gaming for children in general. Nintendo continues to have the upper hand. With some of the most fun, most family-friendly games around. If you are a concerned parent and are worried that some of the gaming consoles around might be a little too much for your child. You can sleep well at night knowing that the Nintendo switch is the most kid-friendly gaming console out there. If you are considering buying one for your child I highly recommend it. Not only is the Nintendo switch the best game console for kids, it is also the newest addition to the gaming console family. It’s new, it’s hot and it’s popular.

2.Xbox One

second best game console for kids xbox

Microsoft has done a lot of stuff in their time but in my opinion, nothing compares to the Xbox One. You are not going to find another console with as much power. It comes with a quality gaming experience at a decent price. The Xbox one is one of those consoles that most kids will ask for at some point. Of course, some of the games may not be suitable for children. There are plenty of kid-friendly games for the Xbox. Is this the best game console for kids? Probably not, but the chances are your kid is going to have more fun playing on an Xbox than any other console. As long as you pick out some non adult-rated games for your child. They are going to have one heck of a time on this beast.

3.PlayStation 4

playstation 4

Of course, you have to add the PlayStation series into the mix. With mixed reviews from many people, it is safe to say this fits perfectly at number 3 on our list. Now I personally am not a fan of PlayStation. The games are not up to my standard and I usually just stick to my trusty Xbox. However, for children or teens, the PlayStation 4 has an excellent choice of games ranging from teen to E for everyone. I have to admit I have caught myself playing a few games on a PlayStation before. I know that my son is a big fan of PlayStation so I actually ended up buying him one a few year back. He plays it every once in a while but would rather play his Nintendo Switch these days.

4. Xbox 360

360 best console

If you are on a tight budget and want to find something a bit cheaper. You may want to go with the Xbox 360. Its an older model of the Xbox that still has potential to be loads of fun. My son and I still own our Xbox 360 and have a great time on it. Back in the day, it was the best game console for kids in my honest opinion. However, as the years go by its becoming more and more outdated. That is not to say that it is not fun anymore. There are a handful of games that are still a ton of fun to play on the Xbox 360 that are suitable for kids. You just have to do a little bit of digging to find them.

5. PC

best game console for kids PC

Okay, In my honest Opinion the best Console of all time will always be the PC. However, it’s not the most suitable thing for your child unless you take extra precautions of course. The PC has loads of potential and has a growing user base at the moment. If you are not as strict as me or other parents you might consider spending a pretty penny on a PC gaming rig for your kid. There are massive amounts of games out there that your child can play. If you do end up buying them a PC, it is advised that you monitor their site surfing and overall use of the computer. The internet in today’s day in age can have some bad stuff on it. Be sure to add some parental controls to the PC in order to protect them.

Pro’s and Cons Of Having A Game Console

There are a few pros’s and con’s that you are going to have to weigh when it comes to purchasing a console. Is it worth it to have a console in your home and for your family? The answer is yes and I am going to show you exactly why.


  • Fun and excitement for the entire family.
  • Hours of entertainment and joy
  • Better hand-eye coordination
  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • More family bonding


  • Less exercise leading to obesity and other health problems in rare cases.
  • Poor social skills
  • Excluding themselves from social activities

Now I am going to have to say that the pros outweigh the con’s but you need to be the judge of that. If you think that the con’s out weight the pro’s then I would not suggest buying a console. Just remember that the Con’s usually only happened in rare cases. A lot of the time your child will not have poor social skills while playing video games. In fact, when playing video games, it is common to grow social skills exponentially.

There you go, that is our list for the top 5 best game console for kids. If you agree with our list give us a thumbs up and comment on the website. Thanks for taking the time to come check out the website. Have a Snoopy Day!

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