Best Electronic Dart Board Our Top 10 List 2018

Throwing darts is a huge hobby of mine. I used to spend hours in local bars playing with friends and random strangers. I used to enter tournaments and play with hundreds of people. It was the time of my life and I wouldn’t take it back for the world. It wasn’t too long ago that I decided to get myself a dart board for my home. I wanted to find the best electronic dart board available for purchase. This way I could practice at home and get as much practice as I could. I ended up trying so many different boards until I found the perfect one. With tons of research and testing, I have come across the top 10 electronic dart boards available.

Best Electronic Dart Board List Top 10

1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

best electronic dart board number 1

After trying a handful of dart boards and testing them all. The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is hands down the best electronic dart board out there. It is also the most popular on Amazon at the moment. The price is pretty decent for what you get. If you want to get the best possible practice in the comfort of your own home you should consider this board. There are 39 game variations on this thing and it has NylonTough segments to improve durability. This electronic dartboard is tournament quality so it is perfect for practicing.

2.Viper 777 Electronic Soft Tip

best electronic dart board viper 777

When it comes to finding an electric dart board it can get a bit tricky. There are not many to choose from and choosing can be difficult. Reviews of these products tend to not be the best because they are not original dart boards. However, the Viper 777 is actually as close as you are going to get for pro and tournament style dart boards. The reason why I love electronic dart boards so much is because they help you improve. The Viper is regulation sized and has an ultra-thin spider that greatly reduces bounce backs. It also comes with 6 soft tip darts which is awesome. I would say that though this is not the best electronic dart board it is a strong contender at second place.

3.Arachnid Inter-Active

Do not be fooled by the reviews of this dartboard. It is actually a great product and should be tried before judging. Most of the time I tell people not to judge a book by its cover. Though this board is better for recreational play, I have used it in the past for professional practice as well. There are a decent amount of bounce outs but its hard to find an electronic dart board that has none. It does have micro thin segments to reduce bounce-outs but its inevitable. All in all, I highly recommend trying this board. If you do not like it you can always send it back.

4.Viper Specter Bilingual

viper specter

I personally own this one and I can say I am pleased with its quality. It has a low price, it works well and gives you a pretty great experience. I have this one in my game room so I can play with my friends whenever they come over. I am constantly complimented on it. It has a regulation size design, super thin spider to lower bounce outs and a very bright LED lights to give you maximum visibility when playing. If you do not have a well-lit room or it is just simply too dark. This dartboard is awesome for that exact thing. The only thing that I would complain about is the darts themselves that come with this product. They seem to break easily and are not very durable.Other than that this is the best electronic dartboard for the price.

5.Arachnid Cricket Pro 650

best electronic dart board arachnid cricket

I haven’t tried this dartboard before but the reviews say its pretty decent. As we get further into the list it’s going to be more difficult to find a high-quality board. The top 5 boards are going to be the ones you are going to want to purchase. The Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 is a good board, some people complain of not receiving their darts but that is about it. Like any electronic dart board, you have to worry about batteries, charging, darts breaking and all the normal stuff. The Cricket is no different than any of the others. It is tournament quality and has NylonTough segments that will improve your playability and durability.

6.Franklin Sports FS6000

franklin sports fs6000

This is the cheapest brand and product on the list. Probably because of the quality of the product. In this case, you really do get what you are paying for. It’s cheap so the parts are going to be cheap. That does not mean that it is not good, it is. It just means it’s not something you should expect to be great. The best part about this electronic dart board is probably the game choice. It has 176 games to choose from. The board size is 15.5″ which is a tournament size board.

7.Gran Board 2 Bluetooth

best electronic dart board gran board bluetooth

This board is set apart from the others because of one thing. It has soft tip electronic Bluetooth technology in it. Which is a little bit different from the others. It runs on double A batteries that do not come with the product. Is compatible with both IOS Android and Smart TV. The biggest turn off of this board is the cost. It is very expensive and a lot of people complain about this exact thing. Overall it is probably close to the best electronic dart board. Just not close enough because price really turns me away from it. If you do not care about price maybe you should consider getting this board.

8.Fat Cat 727

The fat cat 727 is a big seller right now on Amazon. It has a lot of different reviews right now. Some of them are very mixed which is the sole reason why it’s down in the bottom three. I have not really been able to try this out myself but I have high hopes. If you have tried this out before, let me know how it is so I can give it a better review.  It is a bit smaller than a normal dartboard and is not regulation size. It comes with six darts and 18 different games to play.

9. Viper 787

viper 787

Coming in at number nine is yet another viper dart board. It seems like most of the electronic dart boards actually come from viper. They own the market for most of these boards and are the monopoly. There is not much of a difference from the other viper boards it’s just a little bit older and more expensive. Honestly, nothing too special about this product and it has some pretty bad reviews. Not something that I would buy myself but hey knock yourself out.

10.Franklin Sports FS1500

This board is so darn cheap it should be illegal. When a product this cheap is made you should really not expect a lot from it. It comes with six darts and has a 13.5-inch board for landing the darts. It has voice and sound effects which is different. I would get this for a small little game room for fun. Not something to be used to practice for the pro leagues. If you have a little extra cash laying around and a small space on your wall open. Go ahead and give this one a try!

What To Look For In An Electronic Dart Board

Picking out the best electronic dart board would usually take a bit of research. However, I did the research for you and I am going to teach you what to look for in an electronic dartboard. Here are some things to consider when purchasing one.

  • Price

Price is a huge factor in one of these boards. The more expensive boards will not only be higher quality but will have much more settings and bells and whistles. Try not to get ahead of yourself and buy something that you do not need. An expensive board might be expensive for the wrong reasons. The most important thing to look at is the actual quality of the product. If you have a cheap product its obviously going to be the opposite. It will probably not be very great.

  • Size

You want to make sure that your dartboard is regulation pro size. The only way to really practice your dartboard skills is to practice on a real regulation size board. These products usually come in two sizes. 15.5 inches and 13.5 inches, the 15.5-inch target boards are the regulation and the 13.5 inches are for recreational use.

  • Portability

It’s a good idea to have a lightweight dart board so it’s easy to move from place to place. If you have a very heavy board you may never want to move it. It’s just something to take into consideration.

  • Spider

You want to have an ultra-thin spider on the dart board so that you can reduce the chances of a bounce out. Basically, this means there are more holes on the board for your dart to land in. The more holes the better chances of the dart not bouncing off the board.

Now You Are Ready To Play At Home!

Now that you have the chance to find the best electronic dart board for your home. You can finally have the practice that you need on your downtime from drinking beer and shooting darts at your local pub. Have fun with it, play some darts with some friends and enjoy saving money on drinks. Just remember that electronic dart boards are never going to be as good as real dart boards. I hope that you enjoyed this article. Please share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media to make our voice heard.

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