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One of the best joy’s in life is getting into bed after a long hard day at work. It feels so warm and cozy you never want to leave. I always grab my heated mattress pad and get under the covers. Climbing into bed, in my opinion, is the greatest feeling in the world. Did you know that people spend at least a third of their lives in bed? This just goes to show how important it really is to be comfortable in bed. However, if you do not have a comfortable bed you will have a hard time getting a good nights sleep. Not getting enough sleep is the worst feeling there is. Going to work with no energy and just overall feeling crappy. If your bed is uncomfortable the main reason is probably due to your sheets.

Cheap scratchy sheets can cause some very uncomfortable nights in bed. This is why you must find the best Egyptian cotton sheets for your bed. I know what you are thinking, Egyptian cotton sheets are expensive! This is not always the case and if you know what you are looking for you can get a great deal on an excellent set of sheets. Here is our Top 10 best Egyptian cotton sheets list to help you find yours.

Top 10 List Of Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

1. 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set – 1000 Thread Count

best Egyptian cotton sheets 100 percent

When it comes to Egyptian cotton this is the best possible quality set you are going to find. It is a bit on the expensive side but if you want real authentic sheets you will want to invest in these. If you think about it, you spend a third of your life in bed. investing in these sheets is one of the best investments you can make. In my personal opinion, these are the best Egyptian cotton sheets. These sheets have 1000 thread count which is much better than your average set. I have these personally and I can say from experience, you can’t go wrong with them.

2. HC Collection Bed Sheets Set, HOTEL LUXURY

Now that we have had the most expensive set, I can show you the best quality inexpensive set. These sheets are great, I have them on all of my guest rooms in my house. They are comfortable and give you an all-around positive sleeping experience. If you are on a budget and do not want to spend too much on Egyptian cotton, these are an excellent choice. These are wrinkle and face resistant, durable and have very high-quality fabric.

3.Mayfair Linen Hotel Collection 100% Egyptian Cotton

Next on our list of best Egyptian cotton sheets is the Mayfair linen hotel collection. They are in the middle of expensive and inexpensive and have fairly close to the same quality as number 1. They have an 800 thread count to give them a nice soft touch. It has a fitted sheet with an elastic stretch to fit your bed comfortably. Do not wash these sheets in cold water and do not use bleach on them.

4.Chateau Home Collection 800-Thread-Count

best egyptian cotton sheets Chateau Home Collection

One of the highest rated set of Egyptian cotton sheets is the Chateau home collection. With over 400 reviews on Amazon and a 74 percent 5-star rating. These sheets are one of the most bought sheets on Amazon. If you want quality sheets that are actually fairly cheap you could go with these sheets. There are not many negative reviews except for the fact that some people notice some wear and tear after washing. These might not be the long-term sheets that you are looking for but if you want some high-quality short-term sheets. These will be your best option.

5.Egyptian Cotton Queen Sheet Set

With only 600 thread count these land at number 5 on our list. I have not tested these before so I am going to add them based solely on reviews and quality of the fabric. Plenty of great reviews on this product but also quite a few bad ones as well. It averages 4 stars on reviews and has some pretty great attributes. From reviews this set of sheets is comfortable. When it comes to price this is a little bit more expensive for its thread count which is why it has such bad reviews. This set is all around good and a quality set of Egyptian cotton.

6.Pinzon 400-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton

I know that these sheets are only 400 thread count but they are some very quality sheets. A little bit too expensive for my taste but I have felt these before and they are very soft and comfortable. I would suggest these to somebody for long-lasting sheets. However, people do complain about color loss after washing so this is something to look out for.

7. Egyptian Cotton 1000 Thread Count Taupe

As we get further into the list we start to come across some not so great products. However, if you are looking for a decent set of Egyptian cotton sheets with a different color. You can buy these sheets. They are 1000 thread count which is the highest thread count on this list along with number one, These sheets do not have the best review but could still work well for you. Read the reviews to find out for yourself if these are worth buying.

8. Clara Clark 100-Percent Egyptian Cotton Flannel 4-Piece Bed Sheet Set

A four piece bed site with one hundred percent Egyptian cotton. The reviews on Amazon are all over the place for this one. With a limited selection of sheets, I put these at number 8 and I am happy with the decision. Initially, when you first get these sheets they are amazing and feel great. After a couple washes, they tend to really wear out over time. Usually, this is okay but when it comes to this quality of fabric it is not okay. However, they are not too much and are pretty quality fabric for the price. All in all, I would recommend these as a cheaper alternative to the top competitors.

9.Egyptian Cotton, Italian Finish

So far so good, I would like to introduce to this list of best Egyptian cotton sheets. The sheets with an Italian finish. These are great and have some very good quality fabric along with them. The one and the only reason why they are so low on my list is that of the reviews. There are pretty much no reviews for this so we do not have much to go off of. There are currently only 15 reviews at this moment. However, the reviews seem fairly great with 88 percent of them being 5-star ratings. For all we know these could be the best Egyptian cotton sheets but they just have not been used enough to know. They are also said to be 100 percent organic with no chemicals used on them. I am not sure if that is true or not.

10. Thread Spread 100% Egyptian Cotton – 500 Thread Count

Falling in at last place on our list is the Thread Spreadsheets. Although these bad boys only have 500 thread count, do not think that they are not good sheets. They are decent sheets for a decent price and that is all that you can really ask for. The upside to these is that there are a massive amount of colors to choose from. There are 17 colors to choose from with these sheets which is why they earned their spot at number 10 on the list.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

There are a few things that you should really take into consideration when purchasing these sheets.

  • Price 

The price is obviously very important when you are looking for the best Egyptian cotton sheets. Remember the more you spend the better quality sheets you are going to find. Sometimes this is not true just remember to do your research before you buy. It also goes the other way around, the less you spend the cheaper quality it will be.

  • Thread Count

Thread count will play a massive role in how good your sheets really are. The best Egyptian cotton sheets will have around 1000 thread count or more. The lesser quality ones will be around 500 or less. Typically it is nice to stay between the two as you get both quality and inexpensive products.

  • Colors

Of course, there is always going to be that person who could care less about the thread count or price. All they really care about is the color of the sheets. If you are that type of person who wants color, this is something to consider as well. Usually Egyptian cotton is in the color of white and that is it. It keeps the thread count high and the quality high as well.

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